The Finabel standard asks for 30 miles with 2 flat tyres.....
.....but we exceeded it with ALL 4 TYRES FLAT


TYRON ATR(Patent Pending)

Inside our new R4 wheel sits the world’s ONLY bullet proof, multi-piece rubber with steel re-inforcement runflat. Invented by Tyron, it creates a double beadlock with the R4 wheel so it will outperform ALL other runflat systems.

Introducing the world’s first bulletproof two and three-piece steel re-inforced rubber Runflat system for all terrain vehicles. Its unique, flexible characteristics outperform the alternatives in both distance and durability.

Each extended runflat system is designed with unique elements dependent on the application and performance requirements of the customer.

Performance Requirement

On-Road Runflat Performance 50klm + At Speed of 50klm/h

Off-Road Runflat Performance 50klm at Speed permitted by the terrain

Central Tyre Inflation System Suitable for all types

Curb strikes 50mm curb at 5klm/h

Installation of Runflat Field Mountable and Demountable

“Recent experiments at the Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC) have shown that run-flat inserts currently used on HMMWVs in Iraq last for only 7.5 miles at 30 mph at 3850 pounds of
load per wheel”.

Setting up Tyron ATR for testing on a rolling road

Tyron ATR at high speed undergoing load and speed testing


Measuring unique load deflection characteristics


“ONLY the Tyron ATR has exceeded the stated performance...
... and that’s with ALL 4 tyres flat!”.

Performance Test

1. The purpose of this User Assessment (UA) was to conduct an initial user evaluation of the performance, technical and operational characteristics, specifications, and capabilities of the Tyron ATR, super duty, long range Runflat as well as conduct a comparison with current-service Runflat offered by Hutchinson. The Runflat is produced by Tyron International Limited (hereafter “Tyron”). The UA was conducted utilizing the US Special Operations Command Ground Mobility Vehicle (GMV) at Fort Campbell, KY by the lead Mobility Non-Commissioned Officer (NCOIC) of the 5th Special Forces Group (A), Force Modernization Section.

2. Product Description:


Tyron ATR


Three-piece inter-connective; field mountable, field serviceable


Rubber Runflat with steel backbone

Load Range: 

Designed for Load Range D. E and HMMWV Trailer (heavy payload spec)


Super duty, long range Runflat capability

3. User Assessment Conditions: In June 2009, the Ground Mobility NCOIC conducted an initial UA and simulated a catastrophic, simultaneous failure of all four tire systems. This was achieved by removing the valve stems of each wheel assembly and letting the air out of the tires. The wheel assemblies were provided by Tryon and consisted of four Goodyear 16.5” Wrangler MT/R (type tires), four Tyron ATR Runflats (pre-assembled) and four standard GMV Hayes-Lemmerz 16.5” wheels. The vehicle was driven for a total of 30 miles on paved surface roads, improved surface roads, trails and cross-country. 80% of the travel was conducted on paved surface roads. Road speeds between 0-60 mph were attempted and achieved. The majority of the road travel was conducted at 25-30 mph with accelerations to 60 by increments of 10 mph. Off-road speeds between 0-30 were attempted and achieved across varying types of terrain consistent with the topography of Fort Campbell, KY (rolling).

At the end of the UA, the wheel assemblies were removed from the vehicle and the tires and Runflats were removed / disassembled. The UA was ended because the Runflats exceeded performance claims and concerns that the tires, which began to disintegrate, would damage the vehicle. The UA was not stopped because of Runflat performance issues, failure of the Runflats or damage caused to the GMV associated with the Runflat.

4. Remarks and observations: The Tyron ATR met and exceeded stated performance requirements currently in place with the HMMWV and GMV programs (30 mph/30 miles). Additionally, the Tyron ATR met industry performance claims of 50 mph and 60 mph. The only visible and noticeable factors were smoking from the valve stems when driving above 30 mph as well as degradation in vehicle power performance. This degradation can be attributed to the four tires being flat and the vehicle driving on all four Runflats. The degradation was characterized by a loss in horsepower demonstrated by reduced top end speed and rate of acceleration. Upon removal of the tire, mechanics and operators inspected the condition of the Runflat and recognized no appreciable damage to the Runflat. They were able to disassemble and reassemble the Runflat with ease and without any special tools. The Runflats were remounted along with new tires for further use.

High powered assault rifles

Minimum impact damage to runflat fixings


Impact is easily absorbed with no structural breakdown